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#259257 Unsatisfied Customer

Posted by daveyn on 25 February 2014 - 10:30 PM

No sympathy here... I work in retail and meet people like you all the time. All you have to do is make one little mistake or an oversight and people just can't wait to scream "poor customer service" and use that for leverage to get something for nothing.  So they made a mistake and you saw an opportunity, got on the phone to see what you could get for nothing...cause I mean really how were you inconvenianced' you had one mag that you could use while waiting for the other 3 to arrive, they were just late, its not a life or death situation here, just a couple of mags. Really there is no inconvenience at all. So the guy offers you 10% and a tee shirt, which is pretty darn reasonable, you accept the offer and then you decide "nope I want more" so you called back and said give me a free mag,(25% discount, which is a pretty big discount) chased the issue through a number of people, annoying them to no end and taking them away from servicing good customers and because you didn't get enough free stuff you were crying poor customer service. 

I think the 10% was reasonable,they offered, you accepted and then you tried to get 25%, they wouldn't give it to you and they are the problem?  You are the problem my friend, not the retailer. You got your mags, you got them for less than you expected to pay and you got a free toque to boot. sounds like you made out pretty well.

But you're upset because they didn't give in to your unreasonable request for a 25% discount cause they made a mailing error. I can guarantee they lost money on this deal with all the man hours involved, 2 mailings and the discount, I'm confident they are not upset at all that you won't be back.

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#652642 3Rd Moose Cull Planned For C B H N P - Cbc News

Posted by Bob LeBlanc on 07 January 2017 - 12:55 PM

Sorry nomad, but neither the moose nor the land give a hoot about politics. The politics, jealousies, prejudices and anger this cull generates are the feelings of we humans alone. ...


...and so is the want to play / be God. (that's directed at Parks Canada...not you, ALW ;) )

The moose isn't an ecological problem...the park is the problem.

The moose (not necessarily this sub-species) has been here for a lot longer than people...and people have hunted them since the dawn of time. The moose are, simply, a re-introduction.


If nothing else, the park is clear example of how important hunting and hunters are to the ecology.

Take us out of the equation, and things'll get out of hand...quick! ;)

Resolving one problem by creating another?...is putting a band-aid on a severed leg. It only looks good for a short period of time.


Shut the park down mid-September...make it its own 'Zone'...and allow everyone to hunt...and the 'problem' goes away...and the moose gets to live another day...


Unfortunately, political correctness will never allow that to happen.

Definition of 'political correctness'??...Wrongness justified.



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#615178 2016 Successful Moose Hunts

Posted by BigBuck152 on 06 October 2016 - 07:21 PM

Wow where are all the entries??!! Wasn't fortunate enough to get a tag this year but did manage to get up for a few days to do some calling, videoing and sight seeing. Every time I get up there I never want to leave!! I took a little footage so hope you all enjoy!

Congrats to everyone who has tagged out! Truly a great way to spend a fall in Nova Scotia!!

Take'em, man oh man what a beast! Glad I got to see it in person! That thing is a true giant! Not two alike in the world!
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#617722 Mi'kmaq Chiefs Have Reached Out To The Nsfah

Posted by Bob LeBlanc on 16 October 2016 - 07:10 AM

Some questions...(I don't expect any answers...that would certainly be atypical of those involved!! :lol:  :wacko: )...


1) Has the NSFAH enlisted specialists in race relations...and more specifically the Indian Act ?

2) Is the NSFAH prepared to take on / participate in any action against the Indian Act in the Supreme Court of Canada ?

3) Who, from the Federation, is actually, physically participating in these discussions with Chief Googoo ?

4) How (Who) is the Federation determining the facets of Chief Googoo's wishes that are to be supported ?

5) Under what authority is the Federation involved ?


This is much, MUCH more than simply Highland's moose.

Federal recognition of the Qalipu (Newfoundland Mi'kmaq descendants) is at its heart.


So...IF this is trully about moose...in my opinion...


People can only control that which is under their immediate control.

The NS Mi'kmaq community needs to get their own house in order before dictating to others that they clean up theirs...ie. institute controls over their band members.

If they aren't prepared / willing / taking actual steps to do that...they aren't sincere...and the NSFAH is simply a political pawn.

If they don't have the authority / means to do that...neither does the NSFAH.


The Pandora's Box that we know as the Native hunt in the Highlands was opened and exploited by the Mi'kmaq.

They need to fix what they can fix (which means controlling themselves) first before the hunters of this province give them any support...IMHO.

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