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Coyote Legal Help?

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Posted 01 April 2017 - 01:59 PM

Bear Spray was ineffective on this Grizz.





From a BC hunting site:  

So .. i have some details from a good friend of mine that packed the guy out. 

A good friend of mine was operating the the grapple yarder the day the engineer was attacked. He said the radio call was horrendous, there was a lot of panic. We will call my friend "Mike" ... This story is first hand from Mike to me from about 3 days ago.

So Mike gives me a shout and i stop by for a beer ... he asks if i heard the story, i said yes... media ect ... He says " I packed the guy out, 4 hours " So, Mike gets the call on the radio .... Mike said the guys were up in a heli slash with no heli pads, the bush was really thick, no trail cut in at all. When Mike got to the engineer he said the guy was " in, or right beside a creek in the snow, not covered still conscious " the guy was apparently in a massive state of shock/hypothermia, Shaking like a leaf in a storm. His scalp was torn off from about 3 inches behind his hair line on top of his head ... all the way back, His skull was completely visible. His arm was described to me as "torn off" ... i believe it was still attached but very torn up. So Mike and the crew get the engineer loaded onto the stretcher and wrapped him up blanket's as tight as possible, then they buckled him in. He said the pack out was brutal. He did describe the engineer that was injured as "one of the toughest sons of ******* he ever met" He said in 4 hours the injured engineer barely winced twice and stayed conscious the whole time. He said the guy was a trooper.

They figure it was about a 500lb bear that was startled ... they believe the bear, at first didnt know the guy was there, and out of fear attacked ... as mentioned in earlier, it is true the bear came back after being scared off the first time. Engineers dumped massive amounts of bear spray on it , and it wouldnt leave. Apparently when the bear attacked, the engineer played dead, but the bear kept eating him, so the engineer fought the bear off by kicking the bear in the face with his caulked boots, which did scare the bear off initially. 

They guy was about 30 years old, and is recovering ... Mike said he will have some major skin grafts and rehab to get over is injuries, but it sounds like he is getting better.

Hell of a situation ... they said the only reason he survived was he was lucky the bear didnt bite his head. Im assuming the scalp injury was from a claw


Also wanted to add that the attack at Suncor a couple years ago was a black bear so not always Grizz and the guys trying to save her used everything under the sun.





Yes rare but lots of mixed results with bear spray and lots of real life examples that can be read on where it didn't work.

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I remember watching bambi for the first time when I was little and my favourite part
was when they killed bambi's mother because I knew somwhere the hunters
family was eating good that night never understood why they made him out to be the
bad guy.


We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but We are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works.

Gotta Love The Nova Scotia Federation of Anti Hunters

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