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Spooky Tales

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#1 gary


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Posted 13 February 2017 - 08:45 AM

Good day for telling stories - Any stories out there about spooky/strange things in the woods?


As a young hunter, myself and a buddy, had what was to us a "walk a little faster experience":


Walking out in the dark, during a deer hunt, one evening - we just crossed a brook when we heard a vivid scream and the thud, thud, thud of something running through the woods. Imaginations went wild. LOL. Later in life, learned it was a barred owl screech and the thuds were the sounds of deer bounding through the woods LOL. It made a good campfire story for a while til we learned more of the ways of the woods. 

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#2 cold comfort

cold comfort

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 11:51 AM

I had a similar experience. When I was around 18, a friend and I decided to camp deep in the woods and just as we were drifting off to sleep we heard a ungodly scream (screech owl) that scared the bejebers out of us. Both too manly to admit it, we decided that the mosquitos were too bad to get any sleep and made the slog through the woods by flash light to my parents house were we decided that the shed would provide enough cover from the mosquitos for a good nights sleep. Never heard a screech owl before or since then.


Another time when I was a teen, I was out hunting pheasant/grouse, in an area that always made my skin crawl. It was an old home stead the only remains were the foundation and wood debris from the structure scattered around. Local legend, (teen neighbor), had it  that the last owner was sitting by the window one night and looked out to see the devil looking at him, he ran out never to return. The reason I hunted there was that the old homestead had apple trees on either side of the very overgrown road and was very good spot for game.


Well one overcast windy day just before dusk, best time for birds, I was walking trough the twisted leafless branches of the apple orchard when I passed one tree trunk and came face to face with a pigs head hanging from a branch, two feet away. I was further startled by the very audible gasp coming from my own mouth. Upon further observation I noticed a bear trap right below it, relieved that it was a hunters baited trap and not some satanic offering, it did little to slow my manly retreat from the area umm before the rain started.

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#3 David G

David G

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Posted 13 February 2017 - 08:24 PM

When I first started teaching biology ( only 40 -50 years ago...)  dissections were an integral part of the lab program. Anaesthetizing frogs, removing the heart, and placing it in Ringer's solution was one of the things that we would do. As some of you likely know, the heart will continue beating by itself for several hours. There's a nerve node in the upper right side of the heart that acts as a natural pace maker and can work independently of the brain. 
I knew all this but still wasn't prepared for what happened to me one evening after a day's hunt. I had shot a 6 pointer late in the day. I rushed to gut it before it got dark and dragged it to my vehicle. It was almost an hour before I made it to my truck and it was dark. While putting my stuff in the truck, I realized that I had left the heart and liver with the gut pile. I had a decent flashlight so making my way back was no problem.
When I got to the spot, I put  my flashlight on the ground pointed in the direction of the gut pile and took out my  knife. I started feeling around in the entrails for the liver. The light was laying on the ground pointed towards the gut pile but so low that I had to feel my way as I was doing this.
After removing the liver and placing it in a plastic bag, I grabbed the heart. I had a firm grip on it as I was cutting through the aorta and other vessels at the top of it when it let out a very strong contraction. I must have jumped back 10 feet ..!! It took a few minutes before I could laugh at myself and finish the job. Of all the times that I've been startled in the woods this experience was the most eerie. 

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#4 mob


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 10:55 PM

My first encounter with the unexplained was when I was about 12.I was always one of those who had to walk the woods. In an area that is part of Autoport now I came upon a dead area there was a twisted dead tree overlooking a sickly patch. The floor of this area did not show any thing that looked like life. The forest around this spot was green and full of life. Well being 12 and not really having much of a care I kept on trucking. the first feeling hit me like a ton of bricks my breathing heart and brain almost froze something within me screamed get the hell out. I instinctively grabbed my knife went into a defensive posture and backed out. Once I stepped back past the dead tree I finally felt safe but I didn't put that knife back until I was out of sight. I went back to this spot two times and each time without going into it the closer you got to that tree the feeling of death and despair and the voice with in screamed get away. From that time on call it your sixth sense if you will I trusted that voice within me.

I camped out on the Island just off the rail tracks that cross Cole Harbour, you could access it during low tide. The old campfire was there well used by many and as always someone had left some firewood to get it up and running. There was a small clearing there so up went my pup tent remember those, supper cooked and settle down for the night. Sometime in the night I woke up hard my little voice kicked in stay put don't get up to stoke that fire, don't go back to sleep morning coming soon. Well I didn't sleep from that moment on, when the sun was up and shinning I packed up made sure the fire ashes were out and prepared to leave. When I left the camp spot I came across near where I was going to wade a bit to cross a bear track was it fresh don't know wasn't going to stick around to find out.

Got a few more maybe some other time, one I call a helping hand.
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